Save lots of $$$$ this Holiday Season

Shopping for the holidays can can be stressful. Here are some helpful holiday shopping tips. To speed up the process, save money, and cover everyone on your list!

Plan: First plan your day. What can lead to an enormous amount of stress. Not having a proper plan. If you are going to malls. Plan the fastest route. To avoid traffic and road closures.

Budget: To further avoid stress later on. Have a budget. You don’t want to buy everything you see on sale. Often times. You’ll end up buying more than you need. When you could have spent that money elsewhere. Such as on a family vacation. For instance, you should carry cash. if you know you are going to be a credit card swiper. By which you are swiping and not limiting your spending. When you do have a budget, you have to know how much you are willing to spend.

Winter sales: I have seen great winter deals throughout the malls. Hollister recently offered 50% off throughout most of the store. That is a great bargain. Another high quality store Guess. Recently offered an extra 50% off sales items. Also the best time to shop is the day after Christmas. Stores are cluttered with items they didn’t sale. The markdowns are even lower.

Check: Holiday shopping is suppose to be enjoyable. Therefore you want to cover everyone on your list, while still saving money.

Discount apps: There are certain apps. That allow you to scan their barcode in store for further discounts. Retail loft is a great app. That partners with major stores. To distribute discounts digitally through the app.