Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Many people may think being on television is all glitz and glam. Well, that isn’t always the case. Lots of hard work goes into acting, from auditions, to bookings, to studying different characters. Regardless of your status in the entertainment industry, everything that you do matters. Yes, international superstar Jennifer Lopez always looks glamorous, but a lot of maintenance is needed to preserve her flawless image. Short term actions, like undergoing hours of makeup and hair prep, and long term actions, like having a healthy diet and regular exercise, goes into keeping a presentable look.

Maintaining a look may include eating certain foods to get the nutrients needed to keep skin looking beautiful and healthy, as well as exercise. Going to the gym as often as possible helps actors stay strong for demanding roles.

Aside from taking great care of yourself, there’s constant work that goes into keeping one’s craft from going rusty. For actors, this means getting into character, memorizing lines, and rehearsing for hours on end. There’s so much studying involved with acting it never ends (but it’s doable). Acting is also about drawing on life lessons and using them to flesh out a character.

Acting usually involves going to drama school to further and better one’s understanding. Doing student films is a great way to keep skills fresh. When its time for an audition, if the casting director asks, a student can show them their acting highlights on tape. It is best to limit it to the parts most relevant to the role you are going for. Also, making YouTube videos and Vines can help boost an actor’s technical and creative skills, as well as boosting your confidence. Along with that, feedback from viewers can be taken in consideration for the next video.

Most films require actors to be a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) which is a union for actors, broadcasters, radio personalities, etc. If the SAG is interested in you and you aren’t a member, they may issue you a Taft-Hartley voucher, which allows you to work on SAG productions up to 30 days.

Once an actor has landed a role, they should be respectful to the director and other co-stars, as well as background actors (extras). Everyone is working hard to get their job done well with as little drama as possible.