Shaking off the Negativity

We live in a society where no matter how you were raised, poor or privileged, someone will have something negative to say.

For example, a lot of people grow up poor, and a few grow up rich. Poor people have just as many issues as the rich, vice versa. What matters is how you cope whichever situation you are in. No matter what keep your foot on the gas pedal because it’s your life right? So LIVE IT. If you want to do something you are passionate about, seriously do it because regret is much worse then putting it aside.

I have been misunderstood for many things. Being misunderstood can lead to negative behavior. Therefore, the way I deal with things is by keeping a positive mind, setting goals, and competing against myself. I have learned I am my biggest competition, and I want to be better and better each time I do something.