#Empire Soundtrack Event 

A couple of days ago, I had a amazing time hanging out at a mall in Michigan. I was there to support the Empire soundtrack promo tour event and get my CD autographed. What I wasn’t expecting was having both Jussie Smollett and Yazz the Greatest sign my copy! 

Before the event began I took selfies in my favorite department store, Macy’s. Afterwards I went into Starbucks and was so excited to discover even during the spring, they serve pumpkin cake! It was so good I forgot to take pictures of it. 

At the event, not only did I have several photos of me taken from the local radio stations, but I was also broadcasted live on MyFoxDetroit, which was really cool! I will post full coverage of the event on my YouTube channel, so subscribe if you haven’t already; you don’t want to miss it.


Oh and hopefully I’ll be apart of the second season of Empire.

Special thanks to Arielle for helping edit the blog post above.

Here are the photos:

Signed by Jamal at the top & Yazz // I love the gold sharpie they used // Matches the soundtrack color perfectly!
Get the Empire soundtrack in stores and on Itunes now!!!! // Great music // Great tv show // Great cast
Taking a selfie in the Macy’s fitting room before the event
Shades: Rue 21 // Jean Vest: Guess // Shirt: Hollister // Blue Pants: Macy’s // Black boots: Kohl’s
More mirror selfie fun
Empire wristband
Screenshot live on the news // Oh I know that tall guy in the back! // So much fun
Everyone’s favorite Yazz the Greast & Jussie Smollet // Doing their thing // Cool dudes

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