Should shopping be considered a Sport?

After watching reruns of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, I began to think about what Dorothy Wang said in one the episodes. She spoke about her dad being a mogul and how he is opening up a big shopping center in China. “It’s like the Olympics for shopping…?” 

When you think about it, shopping is definitely a sport. When I was little I hated shopping. My grandpa use to buy everyone clothes when they were little for Christmas. I never understood it. I always though clothes were boring and pointless. But the worst part about clothes as a kid was having to sit at the mall for hours watching your mom try on clothes. Oh was I bored. 

Oddly enough I grew into liking clothes more and more when the series premier of America’s Next Top Model aired in 2003. Walking runways, taking photos in exotic places, and hanging out with the beautiful Tyra Banks sounded like heaven. How can one aspire to be a model and not be into clothes? 

Clothes make everything better, but it can be a hassle to find what looks best. Now that I’m older and know what looks good on me, I found that shopping can take a lot of skill. Looking for bottoms is a constant struggle for me because I wear different pant sizes in everything: jeans, khakis, dress pants, and shorts! I don’t have too much trouble looking for shirts, and I am so thankful for that because shopping is already hard enough. 

Note: Edited by Arielle


3 thoughts on “Should shopping be considered a Sport?

  1. I agree with you, I hated shopping when I was little too. My mother would drag me from store to store for school clothes..ugh! Today I actually buy most of my clothes from QVC, I love sitting in my pj’s checking out all the choices, clicking my computer and done, I bought it! Now I love shopping… HA! Love your blog!!

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