Floral yet Moral? #FloralVibes

Guys I’m here to tell you floral shirts for men are OKAY to wear. We live in a judgemental world whom frown upon unique fashion. I recently went shopping, and I could tell I  was being judged by other shoppers. Based on the tops I was looking at. So I asked myself why is it our society put so much judgement on clothes that are innocent? After all the top is in the men’s section of the store. Like clothes should determine how a person should act. With that said I wear my floral Ralph Lauren button up shirt loud and proud! Clothes are meant to be fun, adventurous, and most importantly represent you.

So should men including myself be allowed to wear floral shirts?

Shirt: Ralph Lauren // Jeans: Hollister

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4 thoughts on “Floral yet Moral? #FloralVibes

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