Amadi Takes on New York Fashion Week

I just got back from New York Fashion Week, where I was totally impressed with the amazing styles I saw. 
The first show I attended on Febuary 13th was Leanne Marshall’s.

Later in the show I was able to take a selfie with one of my favorite actresses who I happened to be sitting across Ta’Rhonda Jones also known as Porsha from Empire! She was so sweet and kind. Other attendees includes Miss America and more.

Oh hey Ta’Rhonda!


Before the Leanne Marshall’s Show

If you squint really hard you may can see the Statue of Liberty standing right behind me


  Before the show, I witnessed Aveda beautifully style the models’ hair and makeup.

Backstage with Aveda for Leanne Marshall

While backstage I was also able to get a hand massage courtesy of my friends at Aveda. Using the products shown below.

 Since I live on the east coast where winter is a lot more agressive, I am more likely to have dry skin.

However, after the hand massage using Aveda’s products, my skin immediately became soft and less dry.

I used  Aveda’s Stress Fix Body Lotion and  Aveda’s Stress Fix Soaking Salts.

I also discovered that the products can be used not only as lotion but for hair as well.

Febuary 13th…..Continued

Later in the evening, I had the pleasure to attend four more shows. One standout was Charles Youssef whose designs can be found in Barneys. Other shows include This Is The Uniform lrs, and Baby Ghost.

His designs can also be spotted on superstars Lady Gaga and Scandal’s Kerry Washington.  While in the Big Apple, I had a chance to check out some hot spots around town like 2 Bros Pizza.

There’s a wide variety of flavors and the slices are huge so you’ll be feeling full in no time.

Special thanks to Aveda for allowing me to see the amazing creativity that goes on backstage before a show.

Each team works extremely hard and in a timely fashion creating so many different looks and in a short period of time.

Charles Youssef


This Is The Uniform







Baby Ghost


Fun fact: Kylie Jenner and Tyga flew over my hotel on Valentine’s Day so I guess love was literally in the air literally which was near the Statue of Liberty


Stay tuned for my vlog!

Editor: Arielle Nicole
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