Questions with Justin Morgan

Actors Justin Morgan and Grace Byers

Empire is Fox’s musical drama that has had record breaking numbers since it premiered in early 2015. Now three seasons in and the show keeps getting bigger and better. This time with a new face actor and model Justin Morgan  who plays Anika’s new love interest. Played by the talented Grace Byers. Heats things up and causes tension between Lucious Lyon played by academy award nominee Terrance Howard. 

1. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Chicago, IL Southside

2. Congratulations on being casted as Anika’s love interest on Fox’s hit show Empire. How was it working with Grace Byers and Terrance Howard? 

Thank you, it was definitely a great experience. It was fun too as you can maybe imagine role playing a “hot delivery man” making a “special delivery” haha. Having the opportunity to work the entire day with Terrance Howard and Grace Byers was awesome. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of Terrance Howard so it was kind of surreal finding myself on set and in the same scene with him. They both welcomed me very graciously as soon as I got to set and graciously from that point, I was pretty comfortable. After a little while, the surreal-ness went away and I was there to just do my job, and do it well.

3. What was the audition process like?

The audition process…haha…it’s always an experience. As an actor, auditioning is a major part of what the job entails, and many times than not, you don’t book the job. Not because you don’t have it, but maybe because you simply didn’t fit the mold the casting directors were looking for. When this one hit my email, I knew that was a role that fit me. I went in, seduced the ladies at casting and then later that day got the call back for the “directors session” I went back in the next day, very nervous, but still confident, and simply did my thing. Walking out of that room, still not knowing the outcome is so nerve wracking. I think I was called later that day by my agent letting me know I just booked a big role on one of TVs hottest shows. I was so excited, but also, relieved. I had finally done it, or at least did what most dream. From there I did my job and had a blast doing it.

4. Favorite music at the moment? 

Currently, I think my favorite music is Travis Scott, he’s still such a underdog but goes hard. A Tribe Called Quest new album, what a piece of art that, hiphop needed. To calm all that extra sh*t down. Drake always does it to them. Kanye, south side of Chicago representing. Honestly though, I love all different types of genres. House music, disclosure has come hard last couple years. Finally, I’ll listen to reggae en epsilon me gust mucho! (I like a lot). It calms my vibes, relaxed in deep thought.

5. Do you have any hidden talents? 

I do believe that I am and have been blessed with many talents and passions, and at times it’s hard to see what I’m most passionate about. But truly at heart I love rhythms and percussion. I’ve played the drums since I was 12 years old and I don’t play often, as much as I should or could. Life has gotten in the way, but would love to allow myself to be more free with my drumming talent. I love to just vibe out and feel the rhythms and allow rhymes to flow through me. Where it will take me, I don’t know for now it’s an outlet. For me to utilize when I feel the need to let loose and go hard for a few moments lol.


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