Questions with Christin  Rankins

Christin Rankins is one of the all stars casted in the latest Barbershop: The Next Cut she plays a sassy woman in the film. Which also stars Nicki Minaj, Ice CubeCommonLamorne, Torion Margot Bingham, Regina Hall,  Eve, and more.

1. Where did you grow up

I grew up in Baton Rouge, LA. In a small house where the back gate leaned just enough for my brother and sister to crawl over to the candy lady’s house.

2. You were amazing in Barbershop 3 how was it working with a large pool of talent like that?

Thank you! I really felt like I belonged there. I got to see these amazing talents at work. It was refreshing to see that they got frustrated, tired, and nervous.

3. What was the audition process like? 

First of all I sent a video audition before I was represented by my agent and got no reply. Then my agent found me, resubmitted and boom I got an audition in Atlanta. There were several other women that looked like me. Plus size, beautiful, competition. I went in and gave it all I had. I left they called me back a couple of weeks later for another audition in Atlanta. At this point I’m extremely, nervous. I gave it my all and left, again. A week later they sent me a message to my agent saying I was hands down the best actress but I didn’t dress up enough and if I could get some pictures to them I could get the role. My dad put up a cream colored sheet in the kitchen with nails and a hammer! My friend came over and did my makeup and my mother took pictures! We turned them all in and they replied.. she’s gorgeous w’ere sending her paperwork. YES! I cried!

4. Do you have a daily motivation ritual? If so,  what?

Thank God for every amazing opportunity he sends my way and I constantly ask for guidance.

5. What are you working on?

I have a local television show called Movie Shots. We also have a web version on Facebook! We give film reviews and films to look forward to. Also I just finished my first short film, that was nominated in 5 categories entitled “Me Mom Dad”, produced by Kevin M. I also addition as much as I can. I’m working towards my next film.



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